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Crew Photos Instructions

Hi guys, one of the tasks we will have you do which will be very helpful in our future marketing efforts is to take some photos at each jobsite and email to the email address below.

We want to aim for 10 QUALITY images per week, and please take 10 QUALITY images at the time of finishing the roof.

We would like to get closeup images of tools at work, close-ups and medium shots of crew working, beautiful images of finished roofs.

Below are some brief instructions to guide you.

Crew Photos Instructions

  1. Clean the Lens
  2. Turn your camera horizontal/sideways
  3. Get Close-ups
    1. Closeups of Tools, Hands Working, Products, etc.
  4. Get Good Photos of the House/Roof
  5. Try Different Angles
  6. Try and minimize background clutter
  7. For People Back Up and Zoom in a little bit, don’t Zoom in all the way, you should get close enough to the person, then back up and Zoom in less than halfway of the full Zoom Capability of your phone. Like maybe 1/4th of the full Zoom potential. People in their natural environment working normally.
  8. Let’s aim for 10 QUALITY/USEABLE IMAGES per week
  9. Let’s Always get 10 shots of a COMPLETED ROOF.
  10. If you want to send a little bit of information about the address and what the job entails.
  11. Email images to:


ProPoint Roofing & Construction
W5585 County Rd MM #410
La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 386-7338