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Getting Ready for Spring: 3 Most Common Roofing Problems

3 Common Roofing Problems in Wisconsin

Getting Ready for Spring: 3 Most Common Roofing Problems

By: ProPoint Roofing & Construction

With warmer weather comes the annual ritual of spring cleaning. Usually the focus is on de- cluttering and deep-cleaning the home interior and many homeowners seem to neglect exterior aspects, in particular roof maintenance. Here are the most common problems to watch out for and some tips to tackle roof cleaning like a pro:

1. Roof Algae

Have you ever wondered about those brown and black stains on your rooftop? Often mistaken for dirt or sap, these are most likely caused by algae growing on the shingle surface. Even though algae growth won’t do any damage to your roof, it certainly is rather unsightly.

You can give your shingles a cosmetic make-over by hiring a roof-shampooing expert or replace them with algae-resistant copper granules shingles.

2. Defective Gutters

Repairing or replacing worn-out gutters is an important element in preventing water damage to your home. Over time, gutters tend to loosen due to debris, water back-ups, wind, and changes in temperature, which make your roofing and foundation prone to deterioration.

In order to keep your gutter free of debris, clean it regularly; the most common culprits for clogged gutters and drainage issues are blossoms and leaves.

3. Animal Infestation

Another crucial element of roofing maintenance is safeguarding your roof from invading critters. Fractured shingles, torn roofing materials, damaged siding, and abandoned chimneys are welcome breeding grounds for all kinds of wild animals, most commonly squirrels, rats, raccoons, and birds.

Not only can they incur significant roof repair costs but they can also undermine electrical wiring and venting systems. If you notice any signs of animal lodging, contact a wildlife removal expert or a roofing contractor who is skilled at animal damage control.

Give your home’s exterior some loving spring-cleaning care. Maintaining your roof on a regular basis will help prevent costly repairs down the road.


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