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Can Excessive Sun Exposure Damage Your Roof?

Roof Damage From The Sun

People usually associate warped shingles with rain and water damage, but they can also be caused by the hot sun’s rays. Too much heat can roll the edges of the shingles on your home and warp the roof, which is a common sign of wear on roofs. When you call a roofing service, it is essential to replace your roof with a new one that is more resistant to harmful UV light. 

Shingle Roofs May Be the Most Vulnerable

Your roof is designed to last a long time, so discolored shingles are the first sign that you may need to call a roofer service for repair. When you notice shingles start to warp, peel, and fall off, you may be experiencing sun damage.

If you leave your house open to the elements, the material will disintegrate and crumble, and the damage to the roof can increase over time, requiring replacement. The effects of excessive sunlight on a roof, such as discoloured shingles, can be extreme. 

If you have a shingle roof, your home is most vulnerable to the Wisconsin summer heat.

When the shingles on the roof are exposed to the heat of the summer, which often gives way to hot, dry days and cool, humid nights, they begin to decompose.

The roof is generally worn out and if the shingles show signs of wear and tear, it is important to contact a roofing contractor to prevent serious damage to the structural integrity of your home and the health of your property.

The shingles on your roof start to bend and roll upwards as soon as they are exposed to the sun for extended periods.

This intense heat, combined with the sun, can cause the shingles to warp, crack and curl, allowing water to enter the roof until someday the roof needs to be replaced. When the outer layer, which gives the asphalt shingle its longevity, is exposed to UV rays for a long period of time, it dries out and can affect the health of the roof.

Excessive heat also contributes to the constant expansion and contraction of the roof shingles, which can lead to general wear and tear of the roof system. Minerals and granules have been incorporated into the construction of shingles to protect roofs from excessive solar radiation, which can ultimately cause damage and speed up the need for roof replacement. These granules also increase the fire resistance of your roofs and provide you and your home with an additional protective layer.

Premature Aging of Your Roof

Although aging is the most common cause of granulate loss, there are several other factors that can contribute to the premature loss of this protective layer. Other factors leading to premature aging are excessive heat, excessive sunlight and the accumulation of dust and other pollutants in the air. 

Metal roofs can be expensive, and choosing an inferior material can increase the likelihood of dents.

Roofing Materials Resistant to Heat

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material, but they are also more susceptible to damage than terracotta or other materials such as concrete. Think of it this way: Many houses are built with terracotta panels because they can handle the heat. Over the years, sunlight itself can slowly and permanently damage the roof.

During the hot summer months, this type of exposure can have a number of negative effects on the roof.

Even if just a few warped shingles don’t make much difference to the overall quality of your roof, it can affect the effectiveness of the roof covering if there are too many. While sun damage may not always mean that extensive repair is required, it may be necessary to install new shingles or other type of cover to help your roofs survive and avoid additional problems. However, to keep serious problems with the sun and damage at bay, it is a good idea to look for signs of problems. 

In extreme heat combined with sunlight, shingles on the roof can tear and crack. If the shingle is tensed due to its deformation, this strain can lead to cracks. Left untreated, the deformity can get worse, so it’s important to call ProPoint Roofing & Construction as soon as you notice any signs of wear.

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