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Roof Drain Installation: The Smart Choice for Flat Roofs

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Only certified roofing professionals should attempt roof drain installation.

If you own a residence or commercial property with a flat roof you need a solution to eliminate water from the roof of the building, because as we all know, standing water can cause a host of issues. 

When searching for a solution to remove water from your flat roof you want to choose something that can rid your roof of water quickly and efficiently, all at a budget you can afford.

Some types of water commonly associated with standing water on a flat roof are leakage, standing water, over time, can seep into small cracks in the roof and cause more damage, eventually leading to a leaky roof.

Another issue caused by standing water on a leaky roof that could be solved with proper drainage is that the weight of the water can take its toll on the structural integrity of the building.

A forty foot by forty foot section of standing water, one inch deep, weighs approximately two tons! That is a lot of extra weight to have on your roof, especially for long periods of time, which can also be exacerbated by the weather. If the water turns into ice, it expands and can cause even more damage, especially because the weight would generally be there longer if the water turns to ice.

So you may be wondering how to remove standing water from a flat roof.

On standard roofs, downspouts and gutters are commonplace and the water flows down the roof, through the gutters and out away from the residence. This is the most common method, but does require proper maintenance to ensure the gutters remain free of debris and leaks.

A second strategy often used in commercial roofing to eliminate standing water from a flat roof utilizes parapet walls in conjunction with scuppers. Again, the excess water will flow from the roof into the scupper and will exit the building from the scupper.

A third method would be to install a roof drain on top of the roof itself, this would mean, water would exit the roof through a plumbing apparatus just like the drain in your shower, but on top of your roof. You will want to ensure the drain is being properly maintained and free of debris to make sure the water is draining properly and not leaking inside of the building as that could cause extensive damage to the interior of the building. A roof drain in conjunction with a sloped roof is a great way to eliminate water from the roof.

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